Blagojevich is Right

The Blagojevich story is sick, shameful and embarrassing. But is it surprising? It shouldn’t be. We should be expecting much more of this kind of nonsense. Power is highly concentrated in this country. Highly concentrated power leads to highly concentrated corruption. You can count on it. The problem here isn’t Blagojevich…trolls like Blago can be dealt with. The problem is the apathetic electorate that allows the Blagos of the world to rise to power in an environment saturated with opportunities to go bad.

Blagojevich: “I’ve got this thing, it’s f—–g golden…”

Blagojevich is absolutely correct. This thing, the power to appoint a U.S. Senator, is an awesome power. Senators relentlessly interfere with our lives, declare wars, and have their hands in a $3 TRILLION pot of gold–the annual federal budget. That’s an obscene $30 billion per senator. Thirty billion dollars buys a lot of votes. So we shouldn’t be surprised when some bonehead from a corrupt state like Illinois cracks under the pressure when given the responsibility to appoint a Senator to replace Barack Obama.

As the size and scope of government continues to exponentially grow, corruption will grow proportionately. To end the corruption, we must take back the money and take back the power.

Author: RightKlik

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