More Republicans Say Yes to an Auto Bailout Filibuster

Two more Republicans have come to their senses and have voiced support for a filibuster of the auto bailout bill. First Richard Shelby. It has been reported today that John Ensign is saying he may block the bailout as well.

Nevada Senator John Ensign says he may try to block the Senate from passing a bailout for the auto industry. Ensign calls the plan a move towards socializing the economy. The Senator also pointed out that other industries are suffering, including hotel and gaming, yet are not asking for a bailout. According to Ensign, “You’re going to see a lot of hotels are going to be closing their doors. There’s probably going to be some in Nevada and some across the country, and where do we stop at this?”

And we’re learning from Michelle Malkin that Jim DeMint is also supportive of stopping this disaster. Michelle received this email today:

“Ensign is exactly right. This bailout will hurt taxpayers, it won’t help the economy, and it will prevent these car companies from becoming competitive. The only way for the automakers to survive is a complete restructuring that allows them to break free from the stranglehold of union bosses. If Senator Ensign insists on debate on this legislation, I’ll fully support him.”

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