I would have channeled Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness rather than Luke Skywalker, but this is still very cool. The man behind the Segway scooter has a new invention: bionic arms for wounded soldiers. They dubbed it the “Luke Arm” after the aforementioned Jedi Knight’s robotic hand. Dean Kamen was approached by the DOD looking for ways to help soldiers who have been wounded in Iraq and Afganistan.

“This guy visits and basically says, ‘Look, we’ve had 1,600 kids go over [to Iraq] and lose an arm. Two dozen have lost two,'” Kamen tells Newsweek in a story for next week’s issue. “‘At the end of the Civil War, we gave them a hook on a stick. Now we give them a hook at the end of a plastic tube.'”

It’s amazing what we’re accomplishing in the field of medicine these days. The arm is controlled by motor nerves in the lost limb, has an opposable thumb, and provides feedback so items can be grasped without crushing them. Amazing stuff and sure to improve the lives of our boys who’ve been wounded in battle – or anyone else who may have lost a hand or arm. Ash would be jealous.

Posted by Baron Von Ottomatic

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