Where’d I Put My Secret Decoder Ring?

It’s official. We’re in a recession. The labor department announced 533,000 job losses in November alone, with the unemployment level at a 14 year high.

It ain’t good.

While this is not news of a desired nature, one must put it’s validity into perspective.

14 years ago, it was 1994. Bill Clinton was in office, with an adoring media fawning over how robust and powerful the “Clinton Economy” was. The average rate of unemployment for the year of 1994 was 6.1%.. Yes, 6.1%.. And the media deemed Clinton an economic wizard. Yet, until this current economic downturn, which can be directly traced to over-regulation and Democratic mismanagement, unemployment for the post 9/11 (remember that?) Bush years varied between 4.5% and 5.9%. But nary a positive word was ever spoken about that by the MSM or the all-caring Democrats.

Now, once again, as it seems to happen at the beginning or end of every decade, the economy is on the skids.

But don’t worry! President-elect Obama, complete with decorative podium prop, has risen to save us all from economic ruin.

Obama says his recovery plan will “save or create” 2 million jobs. “Save or create”? What the hell does that mean? Will “saving” jobs be a new statistic? Does this mean that, despite the current trend of job losses, President Bush has “saved” the rest of the 94% employed?

The centerpiece of Obama’s recovery plan is to implement a new 1939 style WPA (Works Progress Administration) program. In essence, he wants to expand government by employing 2 million people to patch up potholes.

And from where exactly will the money for these 2 million new paychecks materialize?

Us. The taxpayers. The people whose jobs have been miraculously “saved”. For what is a government employee but someone who gets paid by taxpayer dollars?

Make no mistake. This is not about creating jobs. The private sector does that, and that’s where the answer to our economic crisis will come. This is about creating a new 2 million person Democratic voting block for Obama’s second term. Who will it be, exactly, that these new employees will vote for President: “The One” who messianically “created” their jobs, or someone who will pull the curtain back from this modern-day Wizard of Oz and cut off the flow of taxpayer money to the bloated government teat?

Couple this with the inevitable desire to give 20 million illegal aliens amnesty and the right to vote, and we may not see a Republican in the White House for a very long time.

By Shawn Mallow

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