One Little Victory

A few nights ago, I attended a Christmas party (can we still say that?) for my wife’s real estate office. The evening was filled with feasting and merriment, or at least as much merriment one could have listening to real estate-speak. People of all political persuasions were there: Liberal, Conservative, Independent, and those that just don’t care.

After a few glasses of the good stuff, the conversation among some invariably turns to that of politics. This night was no different.

As a few of us casually discussed the past election, a particularly liberal fellow, let’s call him “LeeWard”, belched up his disdain for Sarah Palin. In particular, “LeeWard”, who bares a spooky resemblance to “Boo Radley”, offered up his disgust for Governor Palin’s supposed involvement in the aerial shooting of wolves in Alaska, a practice sanctioned not by hunters, but by biologists to help keep predation of caribou calves down to sustainable levels. His contempt was apparent, so much so that I was literally struck by his rabid dialogue, as a few chunklets of coconut shrimp shot from his angry pie-hole and landed on my tie.

After wiping my clothes and thanking him for sharing not only his opinion, but his hors d’ oeuvres, I offered a simple observation.

I told him that I find it perplexing that a person would get so offended at the killing of a wolf, no matter by whose hand it was done, but he could at the same time be devoutly in favor of abortion, particularly partial-birth abortion.

To my welcome surprise, “LeeWard” fell silent. He was, for at least this moment, speechless. As he realized he had just been called out in front of other people, his only retort was that he was “offended” that I could even make such a comparison. At that, he threw up his arms and stomped away, choosing not to engage in any more dialogue.

For the rest of the night, “LeeWard” shot daggers in my direction, even choosing not to speak to my wife.

How telling this microcosmic exchange was for me. Not only did the suggestion of a moral equivalence stun him, but his lack of a viable response spoke louder than anything he could have possibly said.

As has been said before, liberals cannot compete in the “arena of ideas”. This was a great example of that dictum.

I don’t usually enjoy my wife’s office parties, but this one was by far the best.

By Shawn Mallow

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