Something Stinks

It’s official. An Alabama county has made BO an official holiday. Barack Obama Day will be added to the other holidays that the state has, one of which includes Confederate Memorial Day.

When trying to remain impartial on our president to be, I find the task difficult. The hype built up by the MSM, of a mere man to godlike status most certainly is the cause of this new holiday. This fan frenzied adoration of a man who has yet to serve one day in the White House is better placed in a stadium or a coliseum.

The palpitations and giddiness felt by those who wanted change refuse to see that change is slang for the same. Change from the ways of DC mean a vice president that helped pave the same old path for 35 years. Change means bringing back the Clinton’s…

Unveilings of streets, schools, and even new babes born continue to elevate the hype. One can only wonder what will be next. Perhaps in the future, one of the 57 states will become the commonwealth of Obama.

Author Jennifer

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