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An American soldier in South Korea is on trial.

A 2nd Infantry Division soldier tried to convince a South Korean judge Wednesday that he did not steal a woman’s cell phone before raping her in a Dongducheon alley last summer, according to testimony in Seoul Central District Court.

The robbery accusation, if proven, could mean considerably more punishment for Sgt. Jonathan Kim, who admitted last month to the rape of the 22-year-old South Korean woman.

With the rape charge, Kim, a Korean-American and a U.S. soldier, faces a maximum of three years in South Korean prison, according to his lawyer, Kim Jong-pyo. A conviction of rape and robbery could bring as much as 10 years in prison, his lawyer said after the morning’s proceedings.

Yes Kim can spend more time in jail for stealing the cell phone than he will do for rape. Then what do you expect when judges let rapists off with suspended sentences and a court system that sentences someone to only 10.5 years in jail for causing the deaths of over 500 people.

I’m not picking on the South Korean people just their justice system. It is frankly maddening.

Hat tip- GI at ROK Drop

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