A Thought

File this one under “Keep your friends close and your Clintons closer.”…

With the selection of Hillary Clinton to man the post of Secretary of State, Barack Obama seems to have offered a significant olive-branch to the Clinton camp. Obviously hoping to tamp down the prospect of having to face Hillary in a 2012 Democratic primary fight, Obama has to remember the Clintons are all about the Clintons.

I believe he has a very shrewd battleplan in mind.

In four years, Obama could conceivably dump Joe Biden, who will be 72 in the next Presidential election, replacing him with Hillary as his Vice-Presidential candidate. In this way, he will hope to nullify any effect a Palin run would have regarding the female vote, coasting his way to a second term, all the while, placating the rascally Clintons.

In this arrangement, Clinton would then be the rightful heir to the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016, running with Senatorial, Cabinet, and Vice-Presidential experience, while riding the coat-tails of a 2-term Obama Presidency.

We could find ourselves with a Clinton in the White House, after all.

Just a theory? I hope so.

By Shawn Mallow

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