Where’s the Outrage?

During his lackluster campaign for the presidency in 1996 Bob Dole did manage to leave us with one memorable phrase about the Clintons: “Where’s the outrage?” The legacy media was famously silent on that question.

As we wind down eight years of Bush/Cheney and the Kos inspired mantra of Cheney/ Halliburton and Bush having been in Big Oil’s pocket, it begs the question where is the outrage now? The Democrat Congress’ biggest political benefactor (organized labor) is demanding tens of billions of dollars from Representatives they are heavily “invested in” through a scheme that makes the perceived Cheney and Bush oil connections look like pikers.

If the notion that Big Oil money supposedly poisoned Bush foreign policy then where is the outrage that Big Union money is poisoning the soul of House Democrats? Predictably, the same media that examined the Bush Cheney oil connections with the mannerisms of a proctologist can’t seem to work itself into much of a fit about unions blackmailing congress.

Author: HughS

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