Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man, Thief

The art of begging isn’t as easy to perform as one first thinks. Especially, for the CEO’s of the big three auto companies, who have been so sheltered that the concept is foreign. Well fast forward a few weeks, and the executives are now (almost) like Joe the Plumber in their average drive to once again go before Congress.

I think the counting game from childhood is appropriate to spiral off and chant, Rich man, Poor man, Beggar man, Thief. First they were rich men having private jets available for their beck and call. Then they offered to become the poor man making $1.00 per year in salary. Now they are beggar men as they plead their case for not the original monies of 25 billion dollars, but adding an additional 9 billion more. And as to Thief, well expecting the citizens to bail them out, all the while, they were flying to and fro, not a care in the world until they were shamed into curbing their expenses.

Author: Jennifer

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