Let him rot

There’s a movement among certain Illinois politicians in order to get President Bush to pardon former IL Republican Governor George Ryan.

Democratic Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan said today that she does not agree with Democratic U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin’s decision to send a letter to President George W. Bush asking him to commute the federal corruption sentence of former Republican Gov. George Ryan.

Madigan, a potential governor candidate in 2010, said Ryan must be held responsible for the 1994 deaths of the six Willis children. They were killed when the family van caught fire after hitting a piece of debris that fell off a truck driven by a man who obtained his license through a bribe. Ryan was secretary of state at the time and federal prosecutors later convicted dozens of engaging in a licenses-for-bribes scheme that benefited Ryan’s campaign fund.

“I respect the work that Sen. Durbin has done for the people of the state of Illinois, but I think he’s wrong to seek a commutation for former Gov. Ryan’s sentence,” Madigan said. “As a prosecutor, we look at the impact that crimes have on victims and in this case, (the victims are) the six Willis children (and) the 13 million people of the state of Illinois.”

Madigan acknowledged concerns about the health of Ryan’s wife, Lura Lynn, but said Ryan should have realized both he and his family would suffer because of his crimes.

If there was true justice, Ryan and his five of his family members would be placed in a vehicle which would then be set on fire. That or have Ryan watch as six of closest relatives had this done to them. Ryan put money over human lives, it don’t matter to me that he couldn’t have foretold what happened to WIllis family, all that matters is his actions destroyed a family and killed six children. He deserves to spend every day of his sentence in jail and MORE!

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