Britain looking to ban knives now, too!

Anyone with half a brain could tell you what would happen if you ban guns. It does not halt all violent crimes… it just means murderous criminals would find new ways to kill people they want to kill. And that’s exactly what Britain has been seeing, especially towards teenagers. Teen killings have apparently doubled in London alone, with one teenager being murdered every 5 days in Britain, and 2/3 of those murders being stabbings. The British response? Get rid of the knives!

In response, the Met launched its largest operation yet targeting knives, called Operation Blunt 2, using airport-style metal detectors, search wands and emergency stop-and-search powers. Since it began in the Spring, 150,000 people have been searched, 5,370 people arrested and 3,242 knives seized.

Tough enforcement measures, a high detection rate and millions of pounds being spent on anti knife crime initiatives had not stopped the rate of killing rising sharply from 17 in 2006, 16 each in 2005 and 2004, and 15 in 2003. But the latest drive has significantly curbed the rate of killings in London in the last three months.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “We are very concerned about younger and younger people getting involved, being willing to use knives in violent confrontations and losing their lives. We want to create that environment where, if you are prepared to carry a knife, you can expect to be searched and found out. Every knife we recover could be a life saved.”
See? This is pure genius because obviously it’s the knife that is dangerous… not the murderous teenagers using them. Good thing Britain banned guns, huh?

When will people realize that banning weapons does not stop crime? For Christ’s sake, go ahead and ban knives, Britain, but then what are you going to do when you see more deaths caused by bludgeoning with baseball bats or clubs? People who want to murder people will find a way, even if you take guns and knives away. You would think that the increase of stabbing murders would have shown these idiots that, but NO. Instead, they’re going down the exact same road of ridiculousness.

How far down that road do they need to travel before they start to understand that the weapon does not commit the crime and banning weapons will not solve the problem?

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