What is your name again?

Was this woman or her wig a blonde?

A 20-year-old woman told police the wig she was wearing got snatched by an ex-boyfriend, who pedaled away on a bicycle, according to a report released Monday.

The victim said she left a party and was walking east on Southeast Voltair Terrace about 3 a.m. Friday when her ex-boyfriend came up on a bicycle.

She said he started arguing and yanked off a black wig that was sewn to her natural blond hair. The ex-boyfriend reportedly slapped her after she began chasing him.

Investigators found the victim’s hair in “disorder.” She said she and the alleged wig-snatcher lived together for eight months. She knew his first name, but apparently recalled only the first letter of his last name.

I’m terrible with names but not that terrible. In 47 years of life, I been on a date with 4 females one of whom was my wife, and two of the other three I only out with once, but I can remember all their names. Even what we did. I guess guess woman either was distracted and if not, needs to take some memory retention classes. Don’t you just love the Sunshine State?

Hat tip- Don Surber

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