Today’s lesson in irony III

A SADD(Students against Drunk Driving) party gets out of hand.

Drunken teenagers at a party funded by a high school’s anti-drink-driving group have trashed a rural Southland hall.

Bottles were thrown at passing cars and into a children’s playground during the out-of-control party, organised by high school pupils using money from the St Peter’s College SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk) committee, last Friday.

Damage to the Waimumu Hall, near Gore, has disgusted locals and prompted police to warn parents against providing alcohol to young people going to parties, The Southland Times reported today.

Waimumu-Te Tipua Hall Society president Duncan Falconer said yesterday the hirer had given an assurance there would be parental supervision at the party.

“Had we known that would not eventuate we would have gone down (to the hall) and turned people away.”

Damage would run into thousands of dollars and those responsible would be held accountable, Mr Falconer said.

The extensive damage inside the hall included panels and doors kicked in, broken windows, and dents in the ceiling.

Mr Falconer said bottles were thrown at passing cars and into a neighbouring playground.

I see these responsible young people are concerned for driver safety. Kind of reminds me of a line from the Munsters. Grandpa is speaking to Eddie as he gives him boxing lessons. “Your father is so opposed to violence that if he saw what we’re doing, he would kill me.”

Hat tip- Don Surber

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