The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today’s winner is Pastor Edmore Andy Chijena. He gets the award for the following

Skeletons are beginning to tumble out of the mysterious deportation of Zimbabwean pastor, Pastor Edmore Andy Chijena of Christ Embassy Church last August. It is understood that church members lost millions of Pula when they gave away huge sums of money and property such as houses and cars to the church.

Little did they know that the generous contributions will be misappropriated by the pastor and his relatives.

Though Chijena who managed to turn Christ Embassy into a crowd puller of note is said to have pocketed P2.7 million that members contributed to build a church at a plot near Game City, where a college is currently located.

Saddened church members say the man they fondly called Pastor Andy established and administered a building fund around 2005 or 2006. The money was meant to build the headquarters of the church but this never happened.

Pastor Andy told the church members that he had found a plot near Game City and the owners, the Roman Catholic Church through their estate agent were allegedly selling it for P4 million. The landowners were allegedly asking for a down payment of P1.5 million. Pastor Andy told the members that they needed to contribute funds to raise the P1.5 million and the faithful raised around P2.7 million.

Some church members sold their houses and cars to contribute to the project. Others were asked to take loans and to pledge their life savings. Information at the church shows that a member, Robert Lunda gave away three houses in Tsabong, valued at P400,000 and P700,000 house in Block 9 Gaborone. However, Lunda denied knowledge of the Block 9 house when the Monitor interviewed him on Friday.

This minister conned people out of their money and possessions by saying he was doing God’s work. It is despicable, that’s why I name Pastor Edmore Andy Chijena today’s Knucklehead of the Day.

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