Shorter Sean Penn

Hollywood douche nozzle Sean Penn fancies himself a latter day Hunter Thompson. He’s got a two part, gazillion word essay up at Huffington Post which is sort “On The Road” love letter to his favorite dictators and despots.

I’ve read through the whole thing to save you the hassle. Here are (paraphrased of course) some of his nuggets of wisdom…

  • He’s still bitter about being caught staging his Katrina photo-op.
  • Capitalism is failed and evil.
  • Socialism is just like America and is awesome.
  • Socialism is less awesome if Penn has to give up anything meaningful.
  • In an private interview with Penn prior to the election, Cuban President Raul Castro said, “We want Obama.” Penn agreed not to publish that until after the election.
  • Cuban President Raul Castro wants to have his “no preconditions” meeting with Obama at Guantanamo Bay.

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