Pickup lines

Vice-Presidential style

Obama enters room for speech to governors. Sarah Palin is first person he greets.

Joe Biden’s prepared remarks were: “And Governor Palin, your being here today sends a powerful message that when campaigns end, we are all partners in progress. Thank you.”

But here’s what he said, according to the pool report: “And Governor Palin, I want to thank you particularly.

“I might point out, as I told you, we walked in. Since the race is over, no one pays attention to me at all. So I’m — maybe you will walk outside with me or something later and say hello to me,” prompting laughs from all.

If Biden was making a joke, its pretty lame. I tell lame jokes all the time. “It’s raining cats and dogs outside and I stepped in a poodle.” Now if the line was meant to be serious, I hope Obama treats Biden like Nixon did to Agnew. Keep him at arm’s length.

Hat tip- Don Surber

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