Cough them up

The measures crooks in Florida take to hide evidence.

An X-ray marked the spot for southwest Florida police who say a teenager swallowed a $16 pair of earrings after taking them from a JCPenney store at a mall.

Authorities say William Colburn faces charges that include retail theft and tampering with evidence.

Naples Police say the 18-year-old was in the store on Saturday when security saw him remove the earrings from a box, drop them into a bottle of water and leave without paying.

When a security officer approached him outside the store, authorities say the teenager drank the water, swallowing the earrings.

Police said Monday the X-ray confirmed the earrings were inside him. A police spokesman didn’t know whether the suspect required medical treatment for having swallowed the earrings.

Colburn will pass them out of his system in a bowel movement, just like my younger brother did with some toy when growing up. Police will have their evidence, but will JC Penney then sell merchandise at half off?

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