Coming soon!

Three priority projects are on the docket here at Wizbang for December:

1) Author search – With the election behind us and the departure of Jay Tea to a new high paying gig, we’re down one consistent voice. We’ve got an excellent group of authors at Wizbang, but it’s time to “replace” (if such a thing is possible) Jay Tea. This will involve tryout days for interested writers. Way back when Jay Tea was a regular commenter at Wizbang, and that’s where I’ll be looking again. Any Wizbang reader interested in a tryout should send me an e-mail at kevin at our domain name. While commenters and readers are encouraged to contact me, others who may blog (or have blogged) elsewhere are welcome.

2) Blogroll project – Our blogrolls have been orphaned on it’s own Links page. In addition it’s woefully out dated. That’s a situation I intend to rectify this month by starting fresh with a new blogroll. More details on this, including how you can get your site (or favorite sites) on our new front page blogroll/feedroll, will be forthcoming next week.

3) Software upgrade – Nothing major here, just an update to our back end software. Commenting will be faster, more AJAXy, and more manageable.

There’s some other stuff in the works as well (yes I do read the tips/suggestions e-mails), more details on those soon…

Now what?
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