Barack Obama to purchase $30,000 ring for Michelle

Barack Obama is so thankful for his wife’s support during his campaign that he’s buying her a rare rhodium and diamond ring that costs $30,000. I love jewelry as much as the next girl, but this is a bit over the top. I know, it’s his money, so he can spend it as he wishes, yet this looks a bit…out of touch. Here we are enduring a terrible recession. Investors have lost trillions of dollars in the stock market. Americans are losing their jobs, and at Christmas time no less. Spending $30,000 on a piece of jewelry doesn’t represent the compassion or the hope and change that he espoused throughout the campaign. But do I really have to say this? I’m sure Obama’s PR people could tell him this.

However, I have an idea that President-Elect Obama may want to consider. Instead of spending $30,000 on a ring, how about instead spending $15,000 on a ring. I’m sure there are some beautiful rings out there in the $15,000 price range that are suitable for his wife and that would adequately show his appreciation and love. Then he can take the other $15,000 and give it to a charity in Michelle’s name. I would recommend Operation Smile. For just $240, a child in a Third World nation can have the surgery needed to correct a cleft palate. With $15,000, 62 children can get the surgery that would give them a beautiful smile and a changed life.

So how about it, President-Elect Obama? A $30,000 ring that no one but Michelle can appreciate and enjoy or a $15,000 ring and 62 lives change forever? Click over to Operation Smile and tell me those sweet faces with their beautiful new smiles don’t tug at your heartstrings. This, Mr. Obama, is change we can believe in.

Update: The Politico reports that the Obama camp is denying that President-Elect is purchasing the rhodium ring. As I said earlier in my post, this kind of purchase, although completely within his right, is inconsistent with the persona he presented to America during the campaign. I’m not surprised he’s denying it.

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