A shambles

The latest news out of Zimbabwe

A cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe has killed at least 484 people since August, according to the UN.

More than 11,700 cases of cholera have been recorded over the same period, an update from the UN office for humanitarian affairs said.


Cholera is endemic in Zimbabwe, and there have been outbreaks annually since 1998, according to the WHO.

But this is the most deadly outbreak for 15 years, health officials say.

During the outbreak, the case fatality rate from cholera has risen to 4%, the WHO said, but had reached 50% in some areas during its early stages.

As Dr. Taylor notes Cholera is easily treatable except for the fact that Zimbabwe’s healthcare system is in ruins just like the economy.

The latest estimated annual inflation rate was 231,000,000%, and just one adult in ten is thought to have a regular job.

The history of Zimbabwe in the late 20th century and early 21st will be a case study in how one man can destroy a once prosperous nation.

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