New Terms of Use for Wizbang

I’m thinking most Wizbang readers have heard of the Lori Drew court decision. Here at Wizbang we recently lost our fearless leader, Jay. After reading this post by Orin Kerr at The Volokh Conspiracy and seeing that no one else has contributed at the blog over a day, I’d take it upon myself to re-write the rules here.

By visiting this blog, you promise that:

1 You are not a New York Yankee fan

2 That you either voted for or know who John Anderson is.

3 You refuse to hum or sing the Brady Bunch theme song even if threatened with the punishment of death.

4 You don’t have flat feet

5 You neither know personally, have met, or are related to Kim Jong-Il, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, John Kerry or The Olson twins.

6 have never had your left hand turn blinker on for over a mile.

7 You have never stolen sweet’n low or sugar packets from a restaurant.

8 That if you were God and were allowed to leave only type of woman on the planet, you’d choose the Filipina.

9 That you have never inserted a catheter into a man without making sure the patient is anesthetized first.

10 You enjoy sarcasm.

Step forward Wizbang readers and sign the contract or face federal prosecution for violating Wizbang’s Terms of Use. While there still is time. (and before Kevin drops me as a Wizbang poster because I staged a coup in his absence.)

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