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If you need a firearm, try to get to South Carolina before midnight.

Hunters and collectors can save some money on gun purchases today and Saturday as the state waives sales taxes on firearms.

The tax-free weekend is likely the first of its kind in the country.

State Rep. Mike Pitts, R-Greenwood, said he proposed the tax-free sales to celebrate the Second Amendment and respond to a then-pending U.S. Supreme Court decision on a Washington, D.C., handgun ban, which the court overturned.

The tax-free days also coincide with the opening of the duck and small-game hunting seasons this week, Pitts said.

“It’s to bring recognition that the Second Amendment of the Constitution is every bit as important as the First Amendment,” which establishes freedom of religion and speech, Pitts said. “It’s very much symbolic.”

I won’t be flocking to South Carolina, because it is too late to make travel arrangements.(Also who would be left to write snappy posts here?) Besides, are out of state residents eligible?

Economists estimate the two tax-free days will save gun buyers about $15,000 in state sales taxes. Pitts proposed the tax-free days in a stand-alone bill, but the version that passed was included in a bill that also granted tax breaks for purchases of energy-efficient appliances.

Gov. Mark Sanford vetoed the bill, in part, saying a temporary sales tax break would do little to promote long-term energy efficiency or firearms sales.

Many Republicans were touting Sanford to be McCain’s running mate. Why is that? He doesn’t support a tax cut for 2nd amendment supporters. Don’t all Wizbang readers start screaming RINO at the same time.

Hat tip- Eugene Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy

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