Don’t move!

Did police order the robber to lay stiff?

A cardboard figure of a person inside a Somerset County bank kept police at bay for 90 minutes tonight, authorities said.

The standoff at the PNC Bank on routes 518 and 601 in the Skillman section of Montgomery Township ended at about 10:20 p.m., Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne Forrest said.

Police responded to the bank when an alarm went off about 8:40 p.m.

When officers arrived, they saw what they thought was at least one person through the windows of the bank, which had its blinds drawn, according to authorities.

Police then sealed off the area to traffic and evacuated residents in three nearby apartment buildings .

“I drove in the parking lot (of my apartment building) and see all these guys with guns,” said Ross Stout

Authorities tried to make contact with whoever might be in the building. Officers used bullhorns, and then tried to call inside the building, Forrest said.

After failing to get any response from the figure inside, the SWAT team entered.

To their chagrin, they discovered the “person” seen inside the building was a full-size cardboard figure, Forrest said.

Three apartment buildings were evacuated just because of one robber. Police seem to think every standoff will be a repeat of that notorious robbery in California about 15 years ago. Down here in Florida they closed a section of I-95 once because a person in a hotel had a gun.

The failure to use brain matter applies to the cutout also. Didn’t anyone think it at all odd that the ‘robber’ never moved?

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