“I love you, You love me……”

Officials in Fort Lupton Colorado take an interesting approach with teenagers who play music too loudly.

The members of the rock band Revolving Reverence have big plans. They want platinum albums. They want sold-out shows. They want legions of fans.

On the night 9NEWS visited them, however, all the freshmen in high school wanted was way out of the room they were in.

“You can’t fall asleep,” Rueben Fuentes says right before letting out a bit of a sigh.

Fort Lupton Police recently caught them and about a dozen or so others residents violating the town’s noise ordinance. So as a form of punishment, the town had them sit in a room for an hour and listen to everything from Barry to Barney.

That’s Barry Manilow and Barney the Purple Dinosaur in case you’re wondering.

“These people should have to listen to music they don’t like,” said Judge Paul Sacco.

Joanne Jacobs notes there have been few repeat offenders. I wonder why?

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