Pennsylvania Democrat Declares “who really cares about it being unconstitutional?”

We’re in deep trouble, folks, when people with this woman’s mindset have control of our government. She has let us know exactly what she thinks about our Constitution, and she has no problem publicly spitting on it.

Pittsburgh City Council gave its first approval today to legislation requiring that anyone report a lost or stolen firearm report that within 24 hours or potentially face a $500 fine.

The 6-1 vote, with two abstentions, sets up a final vote likely next week, which would send the legislation to Mayor Luke Ravenstahl for his signature or veto, and then potentially to the courts, where similar measures have been challenged.

“Who really cares about it being unconstitutional?” said Councilwoman Tonya Payne, a supporter. “This is what’s right to do, and if this means that we have to go out and have a court battle, then that’s fine … We have plenty of dead bodies coming up in our streets every single day, and that is unacceptable.”

The lone no vote was by Councilman Ricky Burgess, who argued that it would be a “false cure” that would be “particularly cruel” to his violence-plagued northeastern Pittsburgh district.

Rather than working within the bounds of the law and their constituents’ civil rights, Ms. Payne thinks she can just ignore them at will. Who cares about this thing called the Constitution of the United States. She thinks she should be able to pass whatever laws she wants whenever she wants. As far as she’s concerned, her good intentions are all that matter, the Constitution be damned.

This is just the beginning. You’ll see a lot more of these above-the-law, Constitution-be-damned liberals coming out and showing their true colors, especially after Barack Obama is inaugurated.

Warner Todd Huston at STACLU was first to report on this. He is spot on with this:

Democrats do not see the Constitution as a limit on their actions. In fact, Democrats don’t see any rules or laws as limits on what they think they can do. They imagine that they can do anything they want no matter what the law says. Democrats are essentially lawless creatures.

After Ted Strickland’s wrist slap of Joe the Plumber’s illegal snoopers, I have to agree with him.

If you feel like letting Ms. Payne know how you feel, you can find her contact information here.

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