Jamiel’s Law

David Horowitz’s Frontline Magazine has a story that will outrage you. Sgt. Anita Shaw, serving a tour of duty in Iraq, got news no parent should get: her son Jamiel was murdered. He was killed by a gangbanger who was not only an illegal alien but who also had been released from jail just a few days earlier after serving time for a weapons charge. There’s something very wrong when Iraq, a war zone, is significantly safer than LA, where her son was killed. But because of LA’s sanctuary city laws, illegal aliens, many of whom have nothing productive to offer LA or the rest of the nation, are walking the streets, wreaking havoc, and murdering people. Now Sgt. Shaw is trying to make it easier for LA’s cops to investigate illegals and is working to get “Jamiel’s Law onto the 2009 ballot. She spoke about her efforts at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Restoration Weekend:

At the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s recent Restoration Weekend, Sgt. Shaw spoke of her grief and also of her determination to recover something from this tragedy by going on the offensive. (For a video of her appearance, click here). Working with Los Angeles mayoral candidate Walter Moore, Shaw has spent the last few months attempting to qualify “Jamiel’s Law” for the spring 2009 ballot. This legislation would take direct aim at the so-called Special Order 40. Passed thirty years ago at the request of then-Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates, it states that “Officers shall not initiate police action with the objective of discovering the alien status of a person.” Special Order 40 was initially meant to protect illegals who were witnesses to or victims of a crime. But over the years, with the growth of a powerful illegal immigrant lobby not only in Los Angeles but all over the country, it became part of the network of protections built into the growing trend toward “sanctuary cities.” Rather than encouraging illegals victimized by a crime to cooperate with police, Special Order 40 protected those committing crimes from scrutiny that might lead to deportation or other measures. Jamiel’s alleged killer, Pedro Espinoza, had just been released from months in county jail without ever having had any police or federal agency check into his immigration status.

“Jamiel’s Law” would deny “sanctuary city” protections for illegal aliens who were members of criminal gangs. The measure seems based on common sense. As Jamiel Shaw Sr., the slain boy’s father, asked the Los Angeles City Council: “If you’re a gang member who is suspected of committing a crime, why can’t they check a database at the police station to see if you’re here illegally?” But the powerful illegal immigrant lobby in Southern California made legislative approval of the measure impossible, forcing the Shaws to engage in a long campaign to gather signatures to put “Jamiel’s Law” on the ballot.

What I find so sickening is that, first, there is an illegal alien lobby at all and, second, that it’s so powerful. How could a lobby that works to allow murderers and thugs run loose in our country to the obvious detriment of our citizens’ safety become so powerful that it has a majority of California’s – as well as our nation’s – legislators in their back pocket? What’s even more shocking is that all this corruption and collusion takes place out in the open. Everyone knows about it, yet nothing is done to stop it. Michelle Malkin, who has been crusading against illegal immigration wrote about Jamiel’s murder and the illegal alien lobby’s deadly impact on our country back in April. Read her post on Jamiel Shaw as well as her other posts on the insanity of illegal immigration.

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