Helen Jones-Kelley Suspended without Pay for Illegal Joe the Plumber Searches

Governor Ted Strickland suspended Helen Jones-Kelley for one month without pay for her role in requesting improper searches on Joe “Joe The Plumber” Wurzelbacher. Not exactly a stiff sentence by any means. She should have lost her job.

Suspended Director Helen Jones-Kelley of the Job and Family Services Department said Thursday, Nov. 20, she should not have allowed the searches of state databases for information on Samuel Joseph — “Joe the Plumber” — Wurzelbacher, who emerged as a key figure in the Ohio presidential campaign.

Gov. Ted Strickland suspended Director Helen Jones-Kelley of the Job and Family Services Department for one month without pay after a state Inspector General’s report found Jones-Kelley improperly authorized the searches of state databases and used her state e-mail account for political fundraising.

“I accept the content the (of) Inspector General’s report and should not have allowed the Wurzelbacher searches to move forward,” Jones-Kelley said in a written statement. “While there is a disagreement as to whether those searches were done for legitimate business purposes, my only intent was to fulfill my agency’s fiduciary responsibilities to Ohio’s families. I am committed to implementing agency procedures which better protect confidential, personal information. In this case no confidential information was released.”

Based on her annual salary of $141,980, the suspension will cost Jones-Kelley, 57, of Clayton, $11,831.

Come on. No confidential information was released because she couldn’t find anything to smear him with. If she had, you had better believe she would have been leaked it. Of course she says now she shouldn’t have allowed the searches but she also says in a backhanded way that she thought she was right to do so.

Her intent to fulfill her agency’s fiduciary responsibilities is a joke. What fiduciary responsibilities? It has already been established that it was not normal practice to do searches on people who find themselves in a sudden “celebrity” status in order to see if they owe back child support or other fees. This was an obvious attempt to find dirt on Joe in an effort to embarrass him into silence. Keep in mind, Jones-Kelley didn’t just approve a few searches. She approved 18 different searches on Wurzelbacher. All Ohioans should be concerned that in another month Jones-Kelley will be back at her job. This should be a lesson for all Americans, not just Ohioans. If you dare to question the Democrat savior in any public manner, then Democrat government officials will do what they can to find out whatever they can in order to make you a target of a smear campaign.

One month without pay isn’t enough of a punishment to to deter her or anyone else from taking new Big Brother actions against another private citizen who dares to question the Democrat savior of the moment. The Republicans demanded that she be fired, which is what should have happened, but Strickland refused. The next time, they’ll just make sure they don’t get caught.

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