Fake Duck Blood

The latest product scandal from China.

Duck blood tofu is cubes of clotted duck blood. According to a recent report from Reminbao, the majority of duck blood tofu now served in Beijing restaurants is made from less expensive pig or buffalo blood. In addition, evidence has emerged that producers are adding formaldehyde to the duck blood.

Reminbao.com reported that the law enforcement officials from Sanhe City in Hebei Province closed the Duck Blood Processing Plant in Qiao Guantun Village on November 12. The plant covers an area of 40 square meters, inside was a large caldron filled with duck blood.

There were four plastic barrels in the plant, each weighing around 55 pounds. The barrels were filled with a white odorous liquid that was found to contain high concentrations of formaldehyde.

A source within the Sanhe City law enforcement said that the producer likely added the formaldehyde to act as a preservative and to increase the toughness of the duck blood tofu.

The article goes on to tell how one can tell real duck blood from the fake variety.China continues to resemble the USA about 100 years ago so far as food and consumer product safety go. If these suppliers faced civil penalties maybe they would clean up their act but I thinik we will continue to read stories like this for some years.

Hat tip- Japundit who writes– “Is there anything in china that is real & genuine?”

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