Surf and Turf

Florida style of course.

A Stuart man who tried to steal porterhouse steaks and shrimp from Publix grocery store had to be detained by store employees Monday afternoon, according to a report released by Martin County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday.

According to the report, Eugene Jarrett Metts, 35, was confronted by a loss prevention officer after he was seen stuffing $75 worth of steak and a package of shrimp in his pants and trying to leave without paying.

Metts shoved the officer, according to the report, and a scuffle ensued. Metts lost his shirt in the struggle and fled but was “subdued” in the parking lot by store employees.One question remains- Did the supermarket employees return the pilfered food to the shelf? Would you want to buy it? Probably not…..

Hat tip- Rick at SFDB

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