Another one bites the dust

Convicted Senator Ted Stevens has lost his re-election bid in Alaska.

Mark Begich has defeated Sen. Ted Stevens in the election for U.S. Senate.

The Democratic Anchorage mayor widened his lead to 3,724 votes in today’s counting of absentee and questioned ballots. The only votes left to count are approximately 2,500 special absentees from people living outside the U.S. or in remote parts of Alaska with no polling place.

The state will count those final ballots on Nov. 25.A re-count could still take place but lets be realistic, a senate seat in perhaps the most Republican state in the country has been lost. The GOP has really made a mess of things in the last few elections.

When Stevens got indicted, I predicted he would lose. Last time Alaska elected a Democratic Senator- Mike Gravel in 1974. Yes that Mike Gravel.

The Democratic party could have 60 seats in the Senate when the new session starts in 2009. Winners of races in Georgia and Minnesota are still to be determined.

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