Slippery slope

If Congress bails out GM, other industries may start lining up.

We won’t know the answer until we see how the (Tampa Bay)Lightning respond to new coach Rick Tocchet – well, “interim” head coach, which seems an awfully appropriate title, considering how short Melrose’s reign lasted. That was a $2 million mistake for the new Bolts owners, to be paid out over three years, along with the $1.3 million they’re paying former coach John Tortorella not to coach this season.

We all need to get a job with these people. Next thing you know, the Bolts will be headed to Congress looking for a bailout.

Since only 4 of the 24 players on Tampa’s roster hail from the USA, I think the economy can take the hit. Then someone may point out the collateral damage caused by the loss of a NHL franchise. Members of the Florida Congressional delegation are sure to begin lobbying for a bailout plan. Tampa Bay was sold for 200 million less than a year ago. That’s chump change compared to all those financial institutions with their hands out. If the Federal govt. can buy Fannie Mae, why not a hockey team?

Personally I’m available to be Tampa’s next head coach. Come on Oren Koules, I’d like to make a million dollars a year without having to work too.

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