Media Bias and an Uninformed Electorate: How Obama Got Elected

This video confirmed for me what I already knew: the media, in the tank for Obama, helped give him the presidency by refusing to report anything negative about him while consistently hammering John McCain and Sarah Palin. Twelve Obama supporters were interviewed on election day after casting their ballots. They were asked questions about the candidates and their political parties. Very few of these Obama supporters knew which political party had control of Congress, how Obama won his first election, or that he said he would bankrupt the coal industry. But they all knew whose party spent $150,000 on clothes and whose teenage daughter was pregnant. The folks at the site How Obama Got Elected who conducted the interviews also commissioned a poll by Zogby to see if the results from their non-scientific video interviews were similar to the results from a scientific poll. They were.

The people behind How Obama Got Elected are working on a film called Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected, which will focus on the media’s influence in the 2008 presidential election. If you want to remain informed on this project, you can sign up for email updates.

Lorie adds: This is a longer, more expansive take on the man-on-the-street interviews Howard Stern played where Obama supporters were asked why they liked him so much, and then were asked specifically if it was because of his stand against abortion, etc. It was hilarious to hear most of them say, when prompted, that they supported Obama because he was for the surge in Iraq and against abortion. Really sad though that people can be so stupid. What is really frustrating to me is that we knew the media would not inform the electorate (they never do) and that always leaves it to Republican candidates to do it. McCain’s campaign should have done a better job getting the facts out there. When we could not even tie the Democrat-controlled Congress to their 13 percent or so approval ratings there was no doubt we would lose. It infuriates me that McCain didn’t try to hold Dems accountable in the subprime mortgage mess in any real way, or to tie them to anything else the incredibly unpopular Congress did. People will now at least realize who is in charge, but that just means the media will now report the glass half full version of every news story. At least maybe the the U.S. military will now get a bit of attention and credit for their incredible work — now that there is no way media attention to them will help Republicans.

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