The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today’s winner is Army Pvt. Shavonte Hampton. She gets the award for the following

A 2nd Infantry Division soldier, who after missing formation claimed she was raped, was found guilty on two charges and sentenced to six months in prison at a Camp Casey court-martial Friday.

Pvt. Shavonte Hampton, 19, of the 302nd Brigade Support Battalion’s Company C, was convicted of filing a false official statement and failing to report to formation.

Military judge Lt. Col. Thomas Kulish also sentenced Hampton to a two-thirds forfeiture of pay for six months.

Hampton had consensual sex with another soldier at the Camp Casey Lodge on July 23 and failed to report to duty on time the next day, prosecutors said.

Because it wasn’t the first time she had missed formation, Hampton concocted an elaborate rape story that quickly proved unfounded after the story changed several times, prosecutors said.

Although Hampton did not receive a bad-conduct discharge, she could be subject to administrative separation from the Army, officials said.

A false rape or child abuse can have huge ramifications for a person even when the charge is shown to be untrue. GI at ROK Drop writes

I have to wonder why she wasn’t given a bad conduct discharge as well considering the damage that would have been done to her male companion’s life if he was convicted of rape? I feel that whatever punishment the soldier would receive for rape the false accuser should receive as well.

Someone may say the harsh penalty would discourage victims. Would it really? You were raped, there shouldn’t be anything to fear. There is room to agree or disagree on this, but I think their is a consensus that Army Pvt. Shavonte Hampton deserves every day she gets in jail, plus being named today’s Knucklehead of the Day.

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