The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today’s winner is the organization named Bash Back. They get the award for the following

A radical gay rights group is claiming responsibility for a protest Sunday at Mount Hope Church in Delta Township.

Protesters who entered the Creyts Road church along with worshippers surprised the congregation when they stood up during the service, threw fliers at churchgoers and shouted slogans such as “It’s OK to be gay,” and “Jesus was a homo,” according to David Williams, communications director at the church. His father, Dave Williams, is the church’s longtime pastor. He was not preaching at the church Sunday.

Another group of protesters demonstrated outside the church at the same time as the indoor protest.


A Lansing group affiliated with a radical gay organization known as Bash Back, formed to protest the Republican and Democratic national conventions earlier this year, put out a call on the Internet on Oct. 7 for activists to come to a “radical queer convergence” in Lansing on Nov. 7-9.

A posting on its MySpace page declared the convergence a “fierce success.”
Fire alarm pulled

According to a report on the Bash Back group’s news site, protesters inside the church pulled a fire alarm, unfurled a banner from the church balcony, shouted and threw fliers to the worshippers.

I’m sympathetic to many GLBT causes but disrupting a church service isn’t going to win this group support from me or anyone else. These drama queens have a right to protest, but there are places that people should respect, whether its a church or the funeral for a fallen soldier. For their outrageous actions last Sunday, I name Bash Back today’s Knucklehead of the Day.

Hat tip- Doug at Below the Beltway who writes “Now, generally, they have a right to protest, but I’ve got to wonder what they think they’re accomplishing by acting like jerks and idiots.” Bash Back didn’t earn any respect but did earn today’s award!

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