Barack Obama to resign Senate seat Sunday

No surprise there. The question is- Who will Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich appoint to fill the seat till a general election in 2010.

Potential candidates to replace Obama include Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Illinois Senate President Emil Jones and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

On Tuesday, Obama appeared with another potential replacement, Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth, to commemorate Veterans Day. She is a former congressional candidate and head of the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Jesse Jackson Jr. of 83-92% liberal range(depending on the issue) rating according to the National Journal is the person mentioned most often. I don’t know anything about Jones or Madigan(wasn’t there a Republican congressman from Illinois by that same name 20 years ago?) As for Jan Schakowsky, her ratings are even more liberal than Jackson(90-95% range).

The best Republicans could hope for Duckworth. She’s a double amputee Iraq veteran who narrowly lost a race for the Illinois 7th in 2006 and currently is head of the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs. If Duckworth had won in 2006, she would very likely have been a blue dog democrat in the House. That due to the IL 7th being Republican territory. That may be thin gruel, but it is certainly better than what Jackson or Schakowsky would be. I’m betting Jackson will get the nod.

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