Winning In Iraq

From Iraq, Rocinante’s Burdens shares sure signs of winning in Iraq. Most notably:

1. US Forces have been directed to take the signs off of the backs of our vehicles. No longer do we say, “DANGER, STAY BACK 100M”. No longer will we drive aggressively and hog the roads. Now we will share the roads and obey traffic signals. This is a big deal and demonstrates the real confidence senior army leaders (a real risk averse bunch of guys if ever there were any) have in the current security situation here in Iraq.

And no one can note the following with more authority than a deployed soldier.

It is strange that Obama, having campaigned on getting us out of Iraq, wins the election just in time for us to declare victory, after which, we would have pulled out anyway. History will show him as a great peacemaker for bringing the war to an end, with maybe a footnote of the 6 years of effort to get us here.

Maybe a footnote. But that’s OK. We all know who and what won the war in Iraq. Petraeus is still in the game as commander of CENTCOM. And, established media be damned, MilBlogs ARE the Fairness Doctrine in this regard.

For instance, helping the media get it right about the Surge and the Anbar Awakening, which with our help, grew to become the Iraq Awakening and includes Sunni and Shi’a alike (so much for civil war)…

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