White Like Me

Last Tuesday was, indeed, a historic day, as so many have noted. America went to the polls, and chose inclusiveness and diversity, and embraced a demographic that has suffered terribly.

I am referring, of course, to Joe Biden.

On Tuesday, America had a choice between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden for vice-president, and — in a decision that will go down in history — chose Biden.

My heart swelled with pride to see my own identity — the white European-ancestry male — be embraced and entrusted with such high office.

For about half my life I’ve listened as my compatriots were vilified, denounced, and excoriated for what seemed all the sins in the universe. “Dead European Males” were, it seemed, the source of all evil in the world — and people like me, their descendants and look-alikes, were being asked to atone for their sins. We were the ones called upon to make sacrifices, to give way, to make accomodations, to give up our “historical places of privilege” to those our ancestors — with no consultations with us, their posterity — had exploited and repressed.

We were the world’s bad guys. On TV, in movies, everywhere we looked we were the heavies. We were the neo-Nazis, the business tycoons, the titans of industry, the serial killers, the rapists, the pedophiles, even down to the doofus dads. Some of us even thought about investing heavily into genealogy to find some trace of non-European ancestry so we could renounce our heritage.

Well, that day is no more. With the election of Joe Biden, we white males have been shown that we, too, are a part of America, a part of the future, and a welcome one.

This is not some proclamation of superiority, though. This is merely a celebration of acceptance, that we are full and equal members of American society, that we truly belong and are welcomed and embraced as equals.

The day Joe Biden was elected as the 47th Vice-President of the United States was, indeed, a great day for our nation and our healing our past rifts. And it will only be affirmed on January 20, when he takes the oath of office, representing not just himself, not just his party, not just his race and sex, but all Americans. Even us balding white males.

I just may weep tears of joy on that glorious day.

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