Obama Following Teacher Practices Indoctrination, Intimidation and Ridicule in the Classroom

I am just now seeing this video of the little girl who dared say she supported John McCain to her teacher. I don’t know what is scarier — that a teacher in my state is so blatantly indoctrinating her students or that a teacher in my state is so blatantly stupid and ignorant. WATCH THIS.

Michelle Malkin posted the video and the transcript.

Michelle calls it ghastly and says, “The ‘educator’ should be disciplined, fired, forced to apologize publicly, and banned from the classroom.” I agree and if this was my kid I would go farther than that. A transcript follows, but it is not complete. In the video, following the exchange with the students, the teacher is interviewed and says if a student tells her they support John McCain she says “Oh that’s good” and moves on. The woman is not only an ignorant propagandizer, and hateful beyond belief for telling the child her dad is going to be in Iraq for a hundred years, but she is a liar to boot. I wonder what the Obama people think of this representative of his followers.

Partial transcript:

Harris:We want to talk about the presidential election. I want to ask you, who are you pulling for? Raise your hand.

Student: Obama.

Harris: You pullin for Obama. Who you pullin for?

Student: Obama.

Harris:Any of you pullin for John McCain? That’s fine, say him as well.

Student: Obama.

Student: Obama.

[Cathy, the daughter of an American soldier answers McCain.]

Harris:John, oh lord, John McCain.

Oh Jesus, John McCain.

Ok, now I wanna axe you somethin.

Why are you pullin for John McCain? It’s ok, but why are you pullin for John McCain?

Cathy: I thinks it’s because my parents are going for him too.

Harris: Ok, your parents are going for him. Why are you pullin for Ba-RACK. Barack.

Student: I just want a black president sometimes.

Ok, you want a black president.

Student: The reason why I want Barack Obama is because he’s making good changes in the good country and stuff like that.

Harris: So, he’s making good changes for our country. Now can you tell me just a little bit more, like what type of changes?

Student: Like not having big fights between Iraq and having soldiers killed.

Harris: So in other words, Barack is going to end that war in Iraq. What do you all know about that war in Iraq?

[Harris addresses Kathy] Talk, cause yo daddy in the military. Talk. It’s a senseless war! And by the way, Cathy, the person that you’re picking for president said that our troops could stay in Iraq for another hundred years if they need to!

[Camera pans to Cathy, in near tears.]

Harris: So that means that your daddy could stay in the military for another hundred years!

Uncle Jimbo
had the same reaction I did.

Update: Kenneth Sikorski at Tundra Tabloid was the one who first uncovered this disturbing video and tracked down the identity of the teacher. More updates on the story there.

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