Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be…

Well, a lot of folks have been drawing parallels between the upcoming Obama administration and the four years of Jimmy Carter’s presidency (myself among them), and that got me thinking that there are a lot of other ways that the times are similar. I figured I’d whip up a little quiz and see how others saw the two eras, and you can vote in the comments about which you find more horrifying.

1. Annoying Popular Music:

A) Disco
B) Rap

2. Appalling Fashion Statement:

A) Polyester
B) Saggy pants

3. Economic crisis:

A) High unemployment, interest rates, and inflation
B) Unstable energy prices and credit meltdown

4. Iran:

A) Overrunning American embassy and taking hostages
B) Fomenting instability in Iraq and building nukes

5) Soviet Union/Russia causing problems:

A) Invading Afghanistan, threatening to nuke a free Western Europe
B) Invading Georgia, threatening to nuke a free Poland

6) Annoying lifetime Congressional hack as veep:

A) Walter Mondale
B) Joe Biden

7) Superman

A) Christopher Reeve
B) Tom Welling

8) Unpopular former president:

A) Richard Nixon
B) George W. Bush

9) Dumbass gadfly and attention whore:

A) Ralph Nader
B) Ralph Nader

10) Democratic Speaker Of The House:

A) Tip O’Neill
B) Nancy Pelosi

11) Dumb driver-distracting car feature:

1) CB Radio
2) Text messaging

12) Conservative leader waiting in the wings:

A) Ronald Reagan
B) (fill in the blank)

Feel free to cast your votes in the comments…

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