More than the Hammer and Sickle at Grant Park Rally

Last night I posted a video of a rally in which someone was waving the communist flag around and I was criticized for making a big deal over one person. Well Terry Trippany at Webloggin has a post that shows Obama is attracting the most radical in our society:

For the last two days Americans have been inundated with glittery pictures from the Obama Rally in Grant Park. The media, never accused of having any sort of credibility when it came to reporting facts about Barack Obama, is continuing down that path. From their point of view it was like the UN, everybody united. The images were all pretty.

Away from the cameras was the garbage strewn by hypocritical environmentalists, kids that have probably never had to work for a thing in their lives. I especially enjoyed the ones that carefully placed their garbage on top of other piles of garbage as if walking the 20 or 30 feet to the readily available garbage cans was a chore.

The first group I came across on Congress Parkway was communists for Obama, a fitting reminder that not all Obama supporters are patriotic Americans. Most of the people going to the event were young or middle aged adults. It felt to me like a Grateful Dead concert without the Rastafari chef. I needed a shower.

Here’s just one picture of Communists for Obama carrying their banner:


And there are more photos of communists and anarchists in the slide show at Terry’s site.

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