A Hug?

Sorry, but a hug is not what we need from the Commander in Chief.

Update: My biggest concern with an Obama presidency, along with the economy, has to do with the military. I worry about Barney Frank’s stated desire to cut the military by 25 percent. I worry about the attitude the president-elect has exhibited toward those in the military (those air raiding civilians and such), his desire to surrender in defeat in Iraq two years ago, and about his commitment to do what it takes to keep this country safe.

Tonight on Hannity and Colmes, former Centcom Commander Tommy Franks said something that makes me feel somewhat better. He said that “As we have a new commander-in-chief and as the new commander-in-chief comes to know and appreciate these men and women who serve, he too is a lifelong learner and I predict that some of his views will change as he comes to know the people in our military.” I think it is sad that so many of us can appreciate those in our military without becoming president first, but still it gave me some hope that once in office and confronted with the gravity of the responsibility, he will change his views. I hope he is right.

Then he said that he believes if Obama does anything that moves against the best interests of those in our armed forces the American people would respond to that. “Just as America spoke last evening…I believe that any act that moves against the recommendations of those men and women who have been promoted and selected to provide advice to the President of the United States I believe those people would speak again.” I hope he is right. He went on to say the metric to measure success by is that if seven years from today we have not seen an attack on the soil of the United States, we should congratulate each other and the new president for doing a good job. He then said George Bush should have gotten credit for no attacks during the past seven plus years.

One really good result of a Democrat being elected president is that all the stories about the excellent work those in our armed forces have been doing the past seven years in Afghanistan and Iraq will hopefully finally be told in the mainstream media. It angers me that those in the media chose not to report so much of the good news from Iraq lest it result in some political advantage to George Bush or John McCain. I predict that will not be the case with President Obama and that you will finally begin hearing about the successes our military has achieved.

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