Road Map: First 100 Days

Congratulations are in order for President-Elect Obama. While I may disagree with him on nearly every policy position, it is a truly remarkable event to behold when, just a few short decades ago, much of the nation was entrenched in shameful segregation, from schools to diners to drinking fountains. And today, what may have seemed a most improbable event is now an historic occasion.

However, just as my opposition to Obama had nothing to do whatsoever with the color of his skin, it does quite remain fundamental differences with the color of his politics. There is a battle ahead for the future of this nation. And, after a brief pause to recharge the batteries, evaluate and contemplate the coming battles, engage we must.

Want a road map for the first 100 Days? Peter Kirsanow nails it to the table.

But in the meantime, we still have principles to defend and we must defend them vigorously. Particularly in the first 100 days when many of the most objectionable bills will likely be brought up.

For those inclined to make nice, which of the following Democratic agenda items are you prepared to sign on to so that you’ll get invited to the right parties?

  • Employee Free Choice Act
  • Fairness Doctrine
  • Freedom of Choice Act
  • Nationalization of health care
  • Estate tax increases
  • “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (driver’s licenses for illegals)
  • Capital gains tax increases
  • Defense cuts
  • Liberal judicial appointments
  • Racial and ethnic preferences
  • Income tax increases
  • Bans on oil drilling
  • Global poverty tax/Kyoto

These are but a few. Perhaps the most worrisome agenda items are those that will betray a fecklessness in foreign policy that could lead to a nuclear Iran, a vulnerable Israel, an imperial Russia, and an imploding Pakistan.

In many cases, the congressional math may preclude Republicans from little more than voicing principled opposition. But that’s not nothing. It’s imperative. Republican politicians for too long have been spectacularly inept in communicating their ideas, principles and positions. They’ve been unconscionably silent in defending their own. They shouldn’t then be surprised when they get their hindquarters handed to them.

Extend that to each 100 days that follows.

Principles matter. Stand for them, don’t compromise them. Communicate them, don’t mumble them.

Congratulations, Mr. Obama. We will be seeing you, Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi on the battlefield of ideas, numbers be damned.

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