Voter Suppression Calls in Pennsylvania

Reports are coming in of calls being made to voters in the conservative stronghold of Lancaster County falsely informing voters that their polling location has changed. The calls are being made from…. Philadelphia.

RS has received a tip that an unknown number of voters in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania are receiving phone calls informing them — falsely — that their voting stations have been relocated. At least 3 of the voters who received such calls determined that the information was false, and informed officials of this illegal attempt to prevent them from casting their ballots. The three specific cases that have come to our attention involve different precincts in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania — which may be the most important one in the nation for John McCain’s presidential bid.

In at least one case, the voter captured the phone number from which the call originated and later called back. The male who answered confirmed that he had placed the call. According to, the number is assigned to a resident of Philadelphia.

That’s how a citizen can engage in suppressing an opponent’s turnout.

How can an elected Secretary of State do so with much more effectiveness? Michael Graham shares precisely how it’s done in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.

After the 2000 election, new federal laws were passed ordering state election officials like Secretaries of State to track ballots requested by active duty military abroad, as well as how many returned and how many were eventually counted. But the Massachusetts Secretary of State, Democrat Bill Galvin, competely ignored this federal law and refused to track these ballots — an odd oversight from a liberal official notorious for making sure foreign language ballots are at every polling place.

Just two weeks ago, the feds forced Massachusetts to enter a consent decree to start enforcing these laws designed to make sure military ballots get counted. We’re also going to have federal oversight until 2013 because of our state’s disregard for ballots cast by members of the US military who live in Massachusetts.

The same liberals who support giving ballots to those living on park benches won’t obey federal law to get ballots to American soldiers and Marines in Iraq.

Ignore the phones. Ignore the radio. Turn off the news. Go to your polling place and vote. Make them tell you your site has changed.

Unfortunately, deployed Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen do not have that luxury. They have deployed for you. The very least you can do is deploy yourself within your community and exercise the right they protect on your behalf.

And when you return home from your deployment, within the same calendar day, thank them for preserving that right. Not our politicians. Not our election officials. Not our candidates. Nor lawyers, judges or activists.

Thank our men and women in uniform. And honor them by voting.

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