Voter Manipulation In New Hampshire

Well, I just voted. It only took me maybe five minutes from start to finish.. And a bit over eight hours after opening, my ballot was #2007 in my precinct. That seems like pretty decent turnout.

I also discovered that the Obama supporters are engaging in grotesquely unfair voter manipulation tactics today:


Yup, going straight for the Dirty Old Man demographic. Fortunately, I was immune to their charms.

(I spotted them on my way out from the polls, after I already voted.)

And on my way home, I found my eyes drawn to the back of an SUV. As I pondered the stickers, I was reminded of something I heard years ago:

“The dumber you are, the louder you tend to proclaim it.”


I’m feeling tired and cranky, so I think I’m gonna eat a quick dinner and go lie down for a bit. I figure I’ll wake up around 10 or 11 and see what the hell has developed by then.

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