Marine Vet: Murtha a “Fat Little Bastard”

A former Marine Sgt. and Iraq War vet speaking at a rally for fellow Iraq vet Bill Russell in PA called Jack Murtha a ‘fat little bastard.’ I say good on him.

During the rally, Shawn Bryan, a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps., said Murtha visited his unit in Iraq in 2005. At the time, Murtha told the soldiers “what a great job we did,” Bryan said, only to see him tell his district back home he no longer supported the effort.

Bryan said he didn’t put his life on the line for his country “just so some fat little bastard can come back and run his mouth.”

It was the second time during his speech that Bryan, who flew in from Albuquerque, New Mexico, had called Murtha a “fat little bastard” during his speech. His remarks were not publicly repudiated at the rally.

Wasn’t repudiated? Cry me a river. This is one of those rare occasions that such color is wholly appropriate. Murtha leaped to judgment in saying the Haditha Marines murdered civilians in cold blood, and tried them in the court of public opinion based on no information but what Iraqis with ties to the insurgency told a willing and wanton American media. They were acquitted on the charges of murder, charges made first by Jack Murtha.

To be quite frank, calling him “a fat little bastard” is about the cleanest vernacular one will hear from Marines, whose hatred for the man runs deep and not without cause.

It is time to retire Jack Murtha. And after Russell defeats him in Western Pennsylvania, home to no small number of racists and rednecks (according to Jack himself), it will be quite amusing to wake up Wednesday morning to realize that Jack Murtha’s mouth cost Barack Obama the Keystone State and thus the presidency, the same mouth that cost the Haditha Marines their careers and time imprisoned enroute to their acquittals.

Those Marines are not calling Jack Murtha a fat little bastard. You’d not care to hear what they call him.

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