If It Ain’t Real, Fake It

As I’ve listened to the various and sundry discussions about tomorrow’s election, I keep hearing how this is “the dirtiest” election in history. And I’ve scoffed. I remember the elections of 2004 and 2000. 1972 was tainted by Watergate. 1960 featured “Landslide Lyndon” Johnson and the combined corrupt political machines of Chicago and Texas collaborating to win for Kennedy and Johnson. And the elections of the 19th century were some of the nastiest, most vile, most disgusting tactics and accusations and stunts.

But I’m starting to wonder if the folks who’ve been saying so might be on to something. Someday, the 2008 presidential election might be known as “the most fraudulent election in American history.”

“Fraud” certainly seems to be the watchword of this election cycle. At least, it ought to be.

Fraudulent voter registrations. By last count, that criminal conspiracy known as ACORN has submitted over 400,000 bogus registration forms across the nation.

And for those who repeat that talking point that “phony registrations aren’t phony votes,” here’s an article describing just how that Change can come to pass.

And sometimes it doesn’t even take ACORN’s blessing to bring about voter fraud. In Cleveland, the dead have been voting in record numbers. (I’m sorry — “Necro-Americans” or “life-impaired.” One must be politically correct.)

And people with actual ties to the Obama campaign have been caught violating voting laws. In Ohio, 13 young Obama staffers registered to vote — and cast them. When they were caught, they were allowed to escape prosecution in exchange for withdrawing their ballots. And in New Mexico, an Obama delegate — who cast his vote at the Democratic National Convention on behalf of his home state of Californiaregistered to vote and asked for an absentee ballot

But the fraud that has gotten the least attention — but deserves the most — has to be the massive credit card fraud perpetrated directly by the Obama campaign.

Both campaigns allow people to make contributions by credit card online. But the Obama campaign has deliberately turned off the standard security measures that cross-check the credit card number against the registered name and address of the card-holder. This had to be a deliberate act — those measures are “on” by default, and one needs to actively turn them off.

This has led to some epic frauds discovered so far. People giving far in excess of legal limits. Donations from such people as “Loving You,” “Doodad Pro,” “adlkfjd eoiwrnks,” and the like. A high probability of illegal foreign donations (donations that end in odd cents, strongly indicative that they were converted from foreign currencies). Donations from non-Americans. Even donations from illegal aliens like his aunt.

Whenever you see a person or organization doing something like this, you have to ask yourself why they would do it. .And in this case, it’s obvious — they wanted to collect as much money as possible. And even if they had to give some of it back (which would prove virtually impossible in a lot of cases), they can still claim the money when they make their monthly disclosures — and give the impression that Obama has massive public support. (Remember all those news stories about Obama’s record fundraising months? 150 million in September, I think?)

Phony registrations, phony votes, phony donations… this, folks, is the true face behind the “Hope And Change” mask. This is “the new politics” — the same kinds of scams and stunts and flagrant corruption that made Chicago so famous, with a new shine and spread out nationally and made incredibly more efficient.

Lord help us all.

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