My New Favorite Video of the Campaign

TOO CUTE! Just saw this at Ace of Spades and can’t say it has overtaken Piper Palin’s spit combing of Trig’s hair at the convention, but it may have tied it.

UPDATE: Someone in the comments (name withheld to protect from embarrassment) compared Piper Palin spit combing Trig’s hair to Paul Wolfowitz’ hair grooming in Fahrenheit 911. That is so seriously sick that I had to repost the Piper video. Watch it people. It is pure love, and definitely not comparable to an old man with a slimy hair tonic coif. Have you guys not heard the jokes your entire life about the magic healing powers of mom spit? Piper was playing mommy, pure and simple. Nothing political about, just like the little Trick or Treater above playing Palin with a non-political “You betcha.” No creepy brainwashed singing of praises to an all powerful leader who is going to change the world and stop the ocean’s tides. Some things are just cute, pure and simple. It would have been cute if one of Obama’s daughters did the same to a baby sibling. Some of you need to seriously lighten up and enjoy life.

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