For your Sunday viewing satisfaction- True Lies

I turned on the television early this morning and saw that TNT has ‘True Lies‘ with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis on. A good not great action movie, its a little far fetched for a genre that far fetched is the norm not the exception.

People who don’t particularly like Florida may rejoice in the movie. Particularly the parts where the Miami skyline and 7-mile bridge were shown being destroyed.

IMHO the best part of the movie is the fight between Curtis and Tia Carrere in the beat seat of a limo as it careens out of control. Nasty, short but fast moving, and only slightly helped(Yeah right. Just say it Bill, you love Tia. Jamie is all right too) by it being a knockdown drag out fight between two very hot ladies.

I found a You tube video of the scene. Hope Wizbang readers enjoy it.

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