Where’s the cheese?

Less is more according to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is planning to replace its Double CheeseBurger with a new sandwich called the McDouble.

The new cheeseburger will be a little less cheesy, with two beef patties but only one slice of cheese. Analysts estimate that the McStingy will cost about six cents less to make — combined with the company’s plan to raise the price to about the dollar mark, it could spell increased profitability for the chain.

“We want our customers to know they can depend on McDonald’s to provide the everyday value and convenience they’ve come to expect, every time they visit our restaurants,” said Greg Watson, vice president of marketing at McDonald’s USA. “These recommended changes will ensure we continue to satisfy our customers’ tastes and wallets.”

Raised price for less product is better for customer’s wallets? Nothing new really, I been seeing this in stores for some time. McDonald’s is just a rare company that will admit what they are doing.

Hat tip- Don Surber

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